CEDA Agri Market Data

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare in India collates commodity level, daily quantity arrivals and producer prices received across the government-regulated agricultural markets in India (or mandis) since 2001. The original Agmarknet data can be accessed at https://agmarknet.gov.in/. The data portal makes available these variables at a monthly level for visualization at an all India, State, and District level. The visualizations include commodity level price and quantity arrival trends at a given geographic level as well as heat maps that plot the spatial distribution of these variables across districts at a given point in time. For ease of use, the agricultural markets are mapped to the state and district boundaries of Census 2011. The raw data used to construct the above aggregates is also made available in a format that is easily downloadable. The procedure used to clean the raw data, attach district boundaries and aggregate prices and quantity arrivals is provided in the CEDA Agri Market Data README File.