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The Agmarknet data collected by the Ministry of Agriculture in India reports daily price and arrival data at a market/mandi level for 344 commodities across more than 650 districts of India. Paired with a dynamic system that not only updates this list of commodities but also adds on to the 4000 markets currently being covered (in response to geographical and administrative changes), makes it one of the most comprehensive wholesale price and quantity datasets. As of 31st December 2021, it stands at 54+ million price and 49+ million arrival data points reported over a span of 21 years.

CEDA’s Agmarknet tool helps a user to visualise and interact with this data in a graphical and GIS format while also allowing them to download the raw files for individual research. Moreover, the tool’s repository is populated with the latest data every month to maintain an up-to-date image of the Agmarknet portal.

Dataset Variables

Processing and Cleaning

Repeated Commodities

Agmarknet’s backend uses unique commodity IDs for storing and querying data. However, some commodities have been listed with two separate IDs causing a division of data (can be seen in the commodity dropdown menu on their Home Page). Our pipeline merges these repeats to ensure consistency and collate all respective data within one commodity ID.

Commodity Differing IDs New ID
Moath Dal 95, 258 95
Repeated Markets

Agmarknet’s backend uses unique market IDs for storing and querying data. Some markets however have been listed with two separate IDs — either within the same district or across two districts of the same state — causing a division of data. Our pipeline merges these repeats to ensure consistency and collate all respective data within one market ID.

Market District, State Differing IDs New ID
Faridabad Faridabad, Haryana 483, 7777 483
Pothgal Karimnagar, Telangana 1035, 8017 1035
Nidamanoor Nalgonda, Telangana 398, 8032 398
Rampurhat Birbhum, West Bengal 836, 2643 836
Baxirhat Coochbehar, West Bengal 3935, 4331 3935
Mekhliganj Coochbehar, West Bengal 3936, 4332 3936
Balurghat Dakshin Dinajpur, West Bengal 354, 2924 354
Punchaipuliyampatti Erode, Tamil Nadu 2805, 3539 2805
Bigod Bhilwara, Rajasthan 8092, 8093 8092
Market District_1 District_2 New District New ID
Burgampadu Khammam Mahbubnagar Khammam, Telangana 889
Enkoor Khammam Mahbubnagar Khammam, Telangana 2208
Kothagudem Khammam Mahbubnagar Khammam, Telangana 389
Madhira Khammam Mahbubnagar Khammam, Telangana 977
Nelakondapally Khammam Mahbubnagar Khammam, Telangana 1012
Wyra Khammam Mahbubnagar Khammam, Telangana 1097
Yellandu Khammam Mahbubnagar Khammam, Telangana 802
Kolaghat Medinipur(E) Medinipur(W) Medinipur(E), West Bengal 4348
Handling Duplicates

The price dataset is cleaned to maintain uniqueness at the date, market, commodity, commodity variety, commodity grade level, i.e. there are no two differing price values for a particular commodity of a certain variety and grade at a market on a given date. On the other hand, the arrival dataset maintains uniqueness at the date, market, commodity level by summing up arrival values if applicable, i.e. if a market reports two arrival quantities for a commodity on a given data we simply add them up.

This step is performed in the end to handle repeated market and commodity data. For instance, if the same price is listed for both Coconut IDs in a market, we drop the duplicate.

Census District Mapping

For uniformity and comparison with other modules of CEDA’s Data Portal, we have mapped all Agmarknet districts and markets to the 640 districts as reported in Census 2011. This has been done by first attempting a direct fuzzy match on district names and then resolving discrepancies by ascertaining each market’s current geolocation and matching it to previous administrative borders. Specifically, all matches fall in one of the following 6 reasons:

In matches of type 6, we jump to the market level and find each market in an agmarknet district that needs to be shifted to a different Census 2011 district. This involves both removing and adding markets by investigating which district would they lie in if we were looking at a 2011 map.

*Researchers can ascertain our market-level mapping from the raw data available for download, which includes both the Agmarknet State, District, Market and the corresponding Census 2011 district we have matched it to.
*We periodically update this mapping as and when Agmarknet adds new districts or markets.

Inconsistent Raw Updates

In some cases, Agmarknet moves a location (district/market) to either a different existing parent location or a completely new state/district. For instance, market1 of district1 is shifted under district2. Or market1 of district1 is made into a separate district itself. In such situations, the processed data of market1 remains consistently mapped to the same 2011 census district it belonged to before. The raw data on the other hand will variate, i.e. the data pre-update will stay under the original state/district and the data post-update will be recorded under the new state/district. To help keep track of such instances, the following table is regularly updated:

State Old District Market New District Update Month
Bihar Jehanabad Arwal [1634] Arwal February 2022

Time Series Feature

GIS/Map Feature

Raw Dataset Download

Users can download raw data (same variables as mentioned before) from our website by following these steps:

  1. State Selection
  2. Commodity Selection
  3. Year Selection

Format: CSV
Updated Upto: 28th February 2022

Commodity List

Ajwan Alasande Gram Almond (Badam)
Alsandikai Amaranthus Ambada Seed
Amla (Nelli Kai) Amphophalus Antawala
Anthorium Apple Apricot (Jardalu/Khumani)
Arecanut (Betelnut/Supari) Arhar (Tur/Red Gram) (Whole) Arhar Dal (Tur Dal)
Ashgourd Astera Avare Dal
BOP Bajra (Pearl Millet/Cumbu) Balekai
Bamboo Banana Banana - Green
Barley (Jau) Bay leaf (Tejpatta) Beans
Beaten Rice Beetroot Bengal Gram (Gram) (Whole)
Bengal Gram Dal (Chana Dal) Ber (Zizyphus/Borehannu) Betel Leaves
Betelnuts Bhindi (Ladies Finger) Big Gram
Binoula Bitter gourd Black Gram (Urad Beans) (Whole)
Black Gram Dal (Urad Dal) Black pepper Borehannu
Bottle gourd Bran Brinjal
Broken Rice Broomstick (Flower Broom) Bull
Bullar Bunch Beans Butter
Cabbage Calf Camel Hair
Cane Capsicum Cardamom
Carnation Carrot Cashew Kernnel
Cashewnuts Castor Oil Castor Seed
Cauliflower Chakotha Chapparad Avare
Chennangi (Whole) Chennangi Dal Cherry
Chikoo (Sapota) Chili Red Chilli Capsicum
Chow Chow Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum (Loose)
Cinammon (Dalchini) Cloves Cluster beans
Coca Cock Cocoa
Coconut Coconut Oil Coconut Seed
Coffee Colacasia Copra
Coriander (Leaves) Coriander seed Cotton
Cotton Seed Cow Cowpea (Lobia/Karamani)
Cowpea (Veg) Cucumber (Kheera) Cumin Seed (Jeera)
Custard Apple (Sharifa) Daila (Chandni) Dal (Avare)
Dalda Delha Dhaincha
Drumstick Dry Chillies Dry Fodder
Dry Grapes Duck Duster Beans
Egg Egypian Clover (Barseem) Elephant Yam (Suran)
Field Pea Fig (Anjura/Anjeer) Firewood
Fish Flower Broom Foxtail Millet (Navane)
French Beans (Frasbean) Galgal (Lemon) Garlic
Ghee Gingelly Oil Ginger (Dry)
Ginger (Green) Gladiolus Bulb Gladiolus Cut Flower
Goat Goat Hair Gram Raw (Chholia)
Gramflour Grapes Green Avare (W)
Green Chilli Green Fodder Green Gram (Moong) (Whole)
Green Gram Dal (Moong Dal) Green Peas Ground Nut Oil
Ground Nut Seed Groundnut Groundnut (Split)
Groundnut pods (Raw) Guar Guar Seed (Cluster Beans Seed)
Guava Gur (Jaggery) Gurellu
Haralekai He Buffalo Hen
Hippe Seed Honey Honge Seed
Hybrid Cumbu Indian Beans (Seam) Indian Colza (Sarson)
Isabgul (Psyllium) Jack Fruit Jaffri
Jaggery Jamamkhan Jamun (Narale Hannu)
Jarbara Jasmine Javi
Jowar (Sorghum) Jute Jute Seed
Kabuli Chana (Chickpeas-White) Kacholam Kakada
Kankambra Karamani Karbuja (Musk Melon)
Kartali (Kantola) Kharif Mash Khoya
Kinnow Knool Khol Kodo Millet (Varagu)
Kuchur Kulthi (Horse Gram) Ladies Finger
Lak (Teora) Leafy Vegetable Lemon
Lentil (Masur) (Whole) Lilly Lime
Linseed Lint Litchi
Little gourd (Kundru) Long Melon (Kakri) Lotus
Lotus Sticks Lukad Mace
Mahedi Mahua Mahua Seed (Hippe seed)
Maida Atta Maize Mango
Mango (Raw-Ripe) Maragensu Marasebu
Marget Marigold (Calcutta) Marigold (loose)
Mash Masur Dal Mataki
Methi (Leaves) Methi Seeds Millets
Mint (Pudina) Moath Dal Mousambi (Sweet Lime)
Mushrooms Mustard Mustard Oil
Myrobolan (Harad) Nargasi Nearle Hannu
Neem Seed Nelli Kai Niger Seed (Ramtil)
Nutmeg Onion Onion Green
Orange Orchid Other Pulses
Ox Paddy (Dhan) (Basmati) Paddy (Dhan) (Common)
Papaya Papaya (Raw) Patti Calcutta
Peach Pear (Marasebu) Peas (Dry)
Peas (Wet) Peas cod Pepper - garbled
Pepper - ungarbled Persimon (Japani Fal) Pigeon Pea (Arhar Fali)
Pigs Pineapple Plum
Pointed gourd (Parval) Polherb Pomegranate
Potato Pumpkin Pundi
Pundi Seed Radish Ragi (Finger Millet)
Raibel Rajgir Ram
Rat Tail Radish (Mogari) Raya Red Gram
Resinwood Riccbcan Rice
Ridge gourd (Tori) Rose (Local) Rose (Loose)
Rose (Tata) Round gourd Rubber
Sabu Dana Safflower Saffron
Sajje Same/Savi Sarasum
Season Leaves Seegu Seemebadnekai
Seetafal Sesamum (Sesame, Gingelly, Til) She Buffalo
She Goat Sheep Siddota
Skin And Hide Snake gourd Soanf
Soapnut (Antawala/Retha) Soji Sompu
Soyabean Spinach Sponge gourd
Squash (Chappal Kadoo) Sugar Sugarcane
Sunflower Sunflower Seed Sunhemp
Suram Surat Beans (Papadi) Suva (Dill Seed)
Suvarna Gadde Sweet Potato Sweet Pumpkin
T.V. Cumbu Tamarind Fruit Tamarind Seed
Tapioca Taramira Tea
Tender Coconut Thinai (Italian Millet) Thogrikai
Thondekai Tinda Tobacco
Tomato Torchwood Toria
Tube Flower Tube Rose (Double) Tube Rose (Loose)
Tube Rose (Single) Turmeric Turmeric (Raw)
Turnip Walnut Water Melon
Wheat Wheat Atta White Peas
White Pumpkin Wood Wool
Yam Yam (Ratalu)

Above list updated on 1st March 2022.

Acknowledgements: Tanish Bafna, an undergraduate student at Ashoka and an intern with CEDA during 2021-22, led the initiative to develop the Daily Food Prices tool.